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Since 2022. For diverse businesses. AletSystems revolutionizes enterprises with robust and versatile software solutions that meet the demands of today and unveil the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Software Development

A software development company with 34 years of business excellence, we can develop reliable, scalable and secure software solutions for any OS, browser and device. We bring together deep industry expertise and the latest IT advancements to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs and behavior of their users.

Testing & QA

We offer full-range QA and testing outsourcing services, can help to develop your QA or enhance the existing one, assist you in TCoE setup and evolution. We perform end-to-end testing of mobile, web and desktop application at each stage of the development lifecycle.

Application Services

Our experts help mid-sized and large firms build, test, protect, manage, migrate and optimize digital solutions ensuring they’re always up and running and achieve the optimal TCO.

UX/UI Design

User experience and user interface design for all types of websites, SaaS, and web/mobile apps. We combine the latest UI/UX trends with our customers’ individual goals and needs to deliver intuitive, vibrant, and impactful designs that power up businesses.

IT Consulting

Our experts can help to develop and implement an effective IT strategy, assist in smooth digital transformation and system integration as well as advise on improvements to your digital customer experience.

Data Analytics

We support businesses in achieving fact-based decision-making by converting their historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights. Our services are tailored to make the raw data and the environment ready, as well as strengthen the business with advanced analytics capabilities.

Help Desk Services

Cloud Infrastruture for your IT environment or software products. We take on solving diverse issues from answering application functionality questions to performing fixes and enhancements on the code level for improved adoption of software, its smooth functioning and increased end user satisfaction.

Infrastructure Services

We apply our 16-year experience to offer a full set of infrastructure services. Being ISO 27001 certified, we guarantee that cooperation with us does not pose any risks to our customers’ data security.

Data center support and management

Virtual desktop consulting, implementation and support

Cybersecurity Services

Equipped with 20-year experience in information security and employing ISO 27001 certified information security management practices, we help to achieve the robust protection of the companies’ applications and networks.


Every Part of Your IT Ecosystem. Taken Care Of.

Comprehensive care of your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and applications:

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Management and support
  • Security
  • Cloud Infrastruture
  • Migration

Improve and Innovate with the Tech Trends

Our team can assist you in transforming your business with the latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

Big data

Tame your big data through robust solutions that empower data collection, storage, processing and analysis.

Services we offer:

Artificial Intelligence

Improve decision-making, planning and forecasting and revamp business processes with AI and ML technologies simulating human intelligence.

Selected AI technologies we master:

Computer Vision

Derive actionable insights from images and videos.

Selected solutions:

Detection of visual defects and anomalies

Barcode verification and validation

Recognition of item location and positioning

3D modelling and mapping

Internet of Things

Collect, store, analyze sensor data and build ‘smart’ operations.

Service we offer:


Get solutions for enhanced traceability, security and faster processing of data and transactions.

Services we offer:

Blockchain-based product development for product companies

Blockchain consulting and implementation for non-IT enterprises

Mixed Reality

Blur the line between the digital and real worlds to make regular tasks and activities easier, safer, and more engaging.

Services we offer:

Success Stories


Google Map



Motorride hailing Application

Mobile App Development


Flutter BLoc




Mobile App Development




Custom Wordpress plugins


Web Development



Custom plugin development



Web Development



Custom plugin development



Web Development

Why Businesses Choose AletSystems

  • 10+ success stories.
  • 5+ happy clients.
  • An inspired, close-knit team of 10+ IT specialists, including IT consultants, project managers, technical architects, developers, QA engineers, security and DevOps engineers, AI and blockchain experts, AWS and Azure professionals.
  • Extensive experiance with Azure, GCP and AWS.
  • A quality-first approach based on a mature quality management system.
  • security management based on field-tested security knowledge, ever-green policies, effective processes, advanced security technology, and skilled professionals.


Industry Expertise

We’ve excelled our experience in a wide range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers with the truly beneficial solutions.

Recognitions and Partnerships

FAQ on Software Development

Can you cover end-to-end software delivery?

Absolutely: this is our core service. We’ve built a strong team of 750+ IT professionals – consultants, architects, developers, data scientists, security, DevOps, and QA engineers – to take charge of everything from requirements elicitation and software design to coding, deployment, and support.

Can I get it done really fast?

Yes, depending on the project size, we might be able to get your MVP delivered in 2 weeks – 4 months. Subsequently, we can ensure releases of new functionality every 2–6 weeks. Get in touch, and we'll work out a way to meet your needs.

How much does it cost?

Software development costs for a medium/large application may range from $50K to $1M. The total amount mainly depends on the number and complexity of software features, the number of platforms supported (web, mobile, desktop), and the type of development (custom, low-code, or platform-based). The UI design uniqueness and complexity, the number of integrations with other software systems, as well as availability, security, and performance requirements also play an important part.

You can request free project cost calculation from AletSystems or find more details about software development costs in our recent guide.

What’s your post-launch policy?

During the first 1–3 months after the software launch, our team:

  • Answers your and users’ questions, resolves user issues (if any).
  • Manages incidents, configuration changes, and updates.

After 3 months, upon agreement, we’re ready to offer continuous maintenance and evolution of your software, as well as L1–L3 support (if required). We know how to nurture long-term partnerships and keep our customers happy in the long run: 62% of our revenue is coming from customers we serve for more than 2 years.

What is your preferred development methodology?

For most of our software engineering projects, we use Scrum with 2–3 week iterations. For small and midsize projects with clearly defined and unchanging requirements, projects requiring formal approvals (governmental projects and projects for big corporations), and projects with strict compliance requirements, we can opt for Waterfall. In software support and evolution projects, we mostly follow Kanban. Naturally, in many projects, it makes sense to use a combination of approaches or switch from one to another depending on the project stage. In our practice, the most common scenarios are ‘Waterfall -> Scrum’, ‘Scrum -> Kanban -> Scrum.’

How do you control the quality of the software you deliver?

We take a shift-left approach to QA, follow international coding standards, and maintain a quality management system at the level required by ISO 9001.

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